A person-house (or house-person)

The Back Door

Madeline and Abby came running in with an iPad. They had spent the evening together quietly playing Minecraft and were eager to show off their latest creation. Most of the time when they play Minecraft together, it ends in shrieks and lots of yelling. This was a nice change from “Put out the fire! Stop setting things on fire! Abby set the world on fire!”.

A person-house (or house-person)
Madeline and Abby’s Minecraft creation

Madeline explained that they built a person-house, and Abby could stand in his eyes or in his tummy. (She’s in his left eye in the picture.) She could not stop laughing, however, because of where they put the door.

Abby’s alternate method of egress involves breaking out of his nose and rebuilding it.

Kids these days.